IFS (International Food Standard)

Target Audience

The IFS Food Standard is aimed at companies in the food chain that are active in the production, processing and/or standardization of food, except for primary production, and is still a useful resource for companies that export their products or supply large retail chains (super markets).

What is IFS Standard

The IFS Food Standard is a standard that defines the specific requirements for food safety, legality and quality that must be met by businesses that process and/or pack food. The IFS Food standard has been established by the German and French Retail Federations to be a valuable control tool, common approach, of the supplier management systems of retailers. The IFS Food Standard has been recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Institute) organization as equivalent to the corresponding systems BRC Standard for Food, FSSC 22000 and is based on the principles of HACCP giving a special basis to good industrial practice (GMP) and good hygienic practice (GHP).


The IFS Food Standard covers food safety, legality and quality issues.
Evaluation and control of product quality.
Ensuring and preventing the occurrence of risks to the safety and health of consumers.
Cost reduction mainly from the reduction of internal losses in the food handling phases.
Opportunities for businesses in more demanding markets to promote their products.

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