What is ISO 9001?

The ELOTEN ISO 9001 standard is the most widespread worldwide quality management standard, which sets the requirements for the development and implementation of an effective Quality Management System. ELOTEN ISO 9001 can be applied by any organization interested in improving the way it operates, regardless of the size or the sector in which it operates. However, better results are achieved by organizations that apply the standard to all rather than to individual positions or activities.
ELOTEN ISO 9001 is designed to be compatible with other management system standards, such as ELOTEN ISO 22000, and ELOTEN ISO 14001, with the aim of being able to integrate different management systems into a single integrated management system.

Benefits among others:
  • Increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Creating a competitive advantage.

  • Improving business performance and managing business risk.

  • Attracting investment.

  • Improving the image of the organization.

  • Reducing operating costs and saving resources.

  • Encouraging internal communication, increasing staff satisfaction and greater accountability.

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